We are planting trees!

We have partnered with tree-nation to plant a tree with every purchase you make! How exciting is that?


Trees are essential to our well being, and the well being of everything else on this planet. This is only a tiny step, but small steps add up.
I probably don't have to tell you this, but trees do a lot for us - they clean our air by absorbing harmful chemicals, they absorb carbon in a process called ‘carbon sequestration’ pulling it out of the atmosphere and into the ground, they benefit our mental health in many ways, control temperatures, and most importantly, provide homes, food and nesting for wildlife. 
Follow this link to read more.
Here’s how it works - after your purchase with us, you will receive an email from Tree Nation, subjected ‘Riel Store offered you a tree on Tree-Nation’. Make sure you click through on the link to plant your tree in our forest!
The email will also entail which tree you will be planting in on of the two reforestation projects we are currently supporting, in Madagascar and Tanzania.